Fillerina® 932 Bio Revitalizing 14 Day System

$275.00 From: $55.00

Exclusive dermo-cosmetic preparation carrying out two actions: replenishing and bio-revitalizing. Provides same absorption of ingredients as Micro Needling Spa Treatments. For Age Wrinkles and expression lines, for the plumping of cheeks and lips. For skin density, plasticity and Bio Revitalizing the skin.

Size: 2×1.0 Oz., 1×1.7 Oz.

  • Replenishing Effect with 9 Hyaluronic Acids give plumping action.
  • Super Density Effect with 3 Collagens which adds firmness to the skin.
  • Plasticity Effect with 2 Elastins add tensory action to the skin.
  • Bio Revitalizing Effect with 20 Amino Acids, 11 Vitamins, 6 Trace Elements and 2 Nucleic Acids.
  • Skin regains brightness, compactness, smoothness and splendor.
  • Correcting and Anti-Ageing Formula