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STYLE FOR FREE: The Alternative to Hyaluronic Acid Injections @ Fillerina USA #Filler #nowrinkles

There’s a natural ingredient making a huge comeback in the world of cosmetics. Women everywhere are snatching up beauty products that contain hyaluronic acid. It’s turning up in a variety of beauty essentials, but there’s major buzz around one serum in particular that even experts say they would try. Stephanie Berzinski fills us in on Fillerina.
June 03, 2016

WBPF TV NEWS: The return of hyaluronic acid: New at home, no needle plumper

Fillerina is the first dermo-cosmetic plumping gel for at-home use with 6 hyaluronic acid molecules. It is the unique alternative to hyaluronic acid injections, used to diminish wrinkles and add volume to the cheekbones and lips. All you need is an applicator…not a needle!
May 16, 2016