And the AWARD Goes to….FILLERINA!

How amazing when you are notified that your product won an award!

Not just any award, but the NewBeauty Choice AWARD is like the bible of beauty, so we couldn’t be more ecstatic. Fillerina has been recognized around the world as the most powerful topical filler to reduce wrinkles and the best part….add volume in the cheekbones and lips. Many ask “so I don’t need my botox”? Botox is a completely different procedure even though it is to reduce wrinkles, it can’t be used all over the face like filler. Fillerina can be used on the forehead, cheeks, lips, neck, decollate, and any other expression lines you see that need filling. I, personally still get my botox injections on my forehead, and use my Fillerina. When your botox wears off, your lines will not be as noticeable from Fillerina, but you will get your movement back.

Fillerina is hyaluronic acid, the same thing they use as injectable fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm, Hylaform, Perlane, etc…those are trademark names. The difference is, they are injecting a large molecule into the deepest layers, where they naturally do not belong, that is why you get instant results. Fillerina has 6 molecules sizes that penetrate to all layers of the skin for a natural, gradual build. You can never look artificial from Fillerina and the more often you use a treatment, the better the results. Just like exercise, the more often the better you look.

We have many over 1100 reports that show 98% satisfaction from the 14-day treatment and if you use the Fillerina Creams, results will continue to improve each day. I had a collection of creams in my glambox and now, I only have my retin-a and Fillerina Creams. My skin has improved immensely and others continue to ask what I am doing. I do not want to spend the money it takes to visit the doctors and keep up with injections, and also a little afraid of not looking like myself. Fillerina has been the rescue in my anti-aging process and a major long-term pocket saver!

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